Split Limit Studios Delivers Technology Solutions to Insurance Industry

New company offers pay-as-you-go convenience for clients throughout the industry.

Waltham, Massachusetts – December 12, 2017

Split Limit Studios, a leader in providing innovative specialty billing solutions, announces the successful buyback of its TRUPAY billing technology from Intuit. The buyout was led by a private investment group and management.

The company’s signature software, TRUPAY, enables the seamless, automatic payment and collection of premiums for insurance policies. Pay-as-you-go software improves the cash flow of policyholders, provides agents with a flexible payment plan to offer their clients, increases payroll companies’ customer retention and reduces operating costs for carriers.

“We are excited to be in control of our own destiny to drive customer success and product innovation," said Ken McKinion, CEO of Split Limit. “As an independent, stand-alone company, we will provide industry-leading solutions with a customer-first mentality.”

“The benefits of pay-as- you-go billing are exceedingly valuable for policyholders,” added Tanya Levin, COO. “Our solution helps stakeholders in the insurance transaction deliver this value to the buying customer.”

Split Limit’s product roadmap includes strategic expansion into providing pay-as-you-go solutions for all commercial lines of insurance, an updated and more modern user interface, expanded product offerings to include Standard and Premium Services, and an option to include pay-as-you-go administrative support. Split Limit is also pursuing partnerships with data providers and insurance carriers to expand its SaaS based specialty billing platform beyond workers compensation and standard commercial lines.

You can contact Split Limit and learn more about TRUPAY, at the company’s website, splitlimit.com.

About Split Limit

Split Limit is the best pay-as- you-go solution provider. As a team they boast over 100 years of insurance technology experience. Split Limit is driven by a simple mission: Building insurance software for the modern world.

Contact: Ken McKinion
Tel: 817-403- 5387
Email: ken@splitlimit.com
Website: https://www.splitlimit.com/