Payroll Companies


It has been proven that customer retention for payroll customers whose payroll is connected to pay-as-you-go billing have as much as a 30% increase over those that do not.  Payroll companies have also seen as much as a 25 point improvement in NPS scores between customers that have workers comp pay-as-you-go and those that do not.

It’s time you provide your customers the ability to connect payroll to their workers comp insurance policy.

Join the hundreds of other payroll companies already connected to TRUPAY®.  Give your customers the benefits of pay-as-you-go insurance from their carrier and agent.  Register your company in TRUPAY® today.

Join other well-know payroll companies in providing payroll data seamlessly for workers comp billing.

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Split Limit is the only pay-as-you-go platform partnered with Intuit to provide payroll data automatically each time payroll is run.

Split Limit receives data from hundreds of payroll companies. Partner with Split Limit today to provide your customers the best experience in workers comp pay-as-you-go.